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Monday, February 13, 2012

Way to go Daddy!

My husband is not the world's most romantic guy, he would be the first one to admit that!  But every once and and while he does something out of the ordinary which always puts a big smile on my face.

Our family usually grocery shops together on Sunday.  We have breakfast, lounge in our jammies for a while and then make the trip to the store.  It's a nice time for us to talk to each other and teach Keelyn about colours, shapes, and sizes not to mention the names of fruits and veggies.  We usually get her to pick out what fruit or veggie she'd like to try.  This Sunday we decided to split up.  I stayed home with K and cleaned up while my husband tackled the grocery store alone.  In retrospect, I think my husband go the much better deal.  He must have realized this because he came home with the prettiest bouquet of pink Gerbera daisies (one of my favourite flowers).

My Pretty Flowers! 
I have to say I was super impressed!  The fact that Valentine's Day is just around the corner but he chose  just a random day to bring them home was super impressive!

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