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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Baby Arrived 1 Week Early!

It's been a while since I've last updated this blog.Over 2 weeks actually.  It was my goal to post a few times a week.  I finished my last day of work on February 17th with the plan that I would have at least a week to get organized and spend some mommy/daughter time with Keelyn.  I was 9 days overdue with her and had to be induced.  I know, I know every child is different but when I saw my OB on the 15th and she told me nothing was happening yet I was pretty confident that I had some time.  At least a few days.  

Turns out baby 2.0 had other plans for me.  

Saturday morning I woke up had some spotting and dull cramps but I figured it was the result of the exam I had on Thursday from my OB.  My husband teased me that baby was probably going to come sooner than I thought. He reminded me of the number of females he works with (we are both teachers) that went off on leave and had their babies within the next day or two. I shrugged him off.

We went car shopping around 10:00am. I actually started feeling crampy, like period cramps but again figured it was related to the exam. We ended up finding a car we really liked so as we were doing up the paper work the cramps started to get a bit stronger but again I dismissed them.  At 1:00 I met my best friend at the mall for a long awaited afternoon out. By now the contractions were certainly much stronger but I could still talk, laugh, walk etc. I joked with my BFF that maybe this baby was coming but then said, no it's probably just a sign that things are going to start in the near future. Since I didn't labour naturally last time I didn't really know what to expect. 

My best friend, her husband and son came to our house for dinner. Throughout the evening my contractions definitely started to pick up in intensity, regularity and were starting to get closer together. By the time they left around 8:30 I'd say there were about 5-8 minutes apart. I hadn't started timing yet. My BFF told me later she said to her DH that I was going to have the baby sometime this evening or early morning for sure! 

I was STILL in denial that anything was happening but I had my DH download an app on my phone to time contractions because I was curious. Around 10:00 they were roughly 5 minutes apart. I talked to my sister in Australia for an hour on SKYPE and by the end of the conversation I had to get up to walk around or go on all fours and just focus on breathing. I finally said to my DH, "okay this is really happening!". I had him call his mom to come down but wasn't worried because we are literally a 2 minute drive to the hospital. She felt as I did that it wasn't time yet that I would probably be sent home. 

She arrived around midnight, and in the mean time I talked to my parents on SKYPE (they were travelling home from Texas) and had a shower. The shower really picked up the intensity of the contractions and I was now about 2 minutes apart, but I was still breathing through them.

I called Labour and Delivery to tell them I was coming and we arrived there around 12:30. It was a bit of a hike because I was too stubborn to go in a wheel chair so I had to stop every 2 mintues. But to be honest walking and standing felt a lot better than sitting. Still breathing though. When I arrived at the registration desk at L&D my water broke standing there. The nurses said it was like a movie scene because that never actually happens! 

I was assessed and was 5-6cm dilated. I told them I wanted the epidural so they started me on the IV right away so I could have the fluids. Contractions were very strong but if I squeezed DH's hand and focused on my breathing I was actually okay.

I got into a room around 1:00am. I had a fabulous nurse and midwife resident who never left my side, except to get the anesthesiologist. While I was waiting for him to arrive I had a really painful contraction that I screamed through. But DH and the MW were awesome! They talked me through it and calmed me down. MW rubbed my back and was super positive! I had 2 more like that before the anesthesiologist arrived. He came and I had to sit up to be prepared. He told me to sit really still and I laughed at him! As he was prepping I got the sudden urge that I had to push. I knew the baby was coming right away. The Nurse told me to lay down and I shouted at her "I can't". She laughed and said "well then you are going to sit on your baby!" That got me down fast :)

As they were getting me to lay I started to panic and cry that I need the epidural! They told me it was too late so I shouted, "well give me something then!" Again they said nothing would work fast enough.

I am ashamed to admit it but I lost my cool for a minute. I was just so scared to have a baby naturally. But my husband was amazing, I was so proud of him! He held on to me and said, "you can do it! You already are doing it!" So I focused on a light on the ceiling and just breathed and did what I was told. It was 1:45 and our little man was born at 2:01. Once his shoulders got through it was instant relief! 

"Ring of Fire" was very minimal and I didn't tear at all. They told me I had a super high pain threshold to be able to breathe through them like I did. I was so scared though, but after I felt so proud of myself. 

So William was born on February 19th, at 2:01 in the morning weighing 8lbs 1 oz and was 21" long.  Keelyn has adjusted so well to being a big sister.  She kisses him and calls him "buddy" or "little buddy". 

It's been a bit of an adjustment for me.  William likes to be awake at night and having a toddler during the day doesn't leave much time to catch up on sleep. Luckily Keelyn still naps so I can get a bit of sleep during the day.  
Anyway, he is a sweet little guy and we have all fallen madly in love with him.  Honestly, it is starting to feel like he was always here!

K meets her little brother. 

Daddy Snuggles!

A Very Tired Mommy!

Snoozing (now if only we could get you to do this at night)

Nap with Dad

William's First Bath 

He actually really likes the bath!


  1. Congratulations :) He's perfect.

  2. Easily my most favourite blog entry ever :) :) :) What a lovely story of the birth of your newest angel :) :) :) I'm so happy to hear that you guys are all adjusting so well :) And I'm hoping that your sweet little guy soon realizes that it's way more fun to be awake during the day :)(and asleep during the night :)). Looking forward to seeing you guys soon and to meeting and cuddling with W. :) :) Thanks for sharing your wonderful story :)

  3. Thanks!! We will have to get together really soon, perhaps a road trip is in order for us!!