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Monday, October 8, 2012

I Am Thankful!

I have a pretty fortunate life.  I pretty well want for nothing (minus a few pairs of designer heels and maybe some handbags and of course a vitamix blender), I have a great husband, adorable children and loving family and friends.  I'm feeling pretty sentimental and mushy right now so if you aren't in that kind of mood you may want to skip this read.  I'm still on a high from Thanksgiving weekend where I had 3 fabulous suppers with family and it's the eve of my beautiful daughter Keelyn's 3rd birthday.  I cannot believe she is turning 3, honestly where has the time gone?  Anyway these are my top  things that I am feeling thankful for.  I hope all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

1. Awesome family - I'm so lucky to have an immediate family and inlaws that are caring and supportive.  Even when they don't necessarily agree with my decisions they are there backing me up anyway.  My extended family and my husband's are the same way.  My husband and I rely on our family for a lot, especially now that we have children.  We live in one city and commute for work to another and while the commute is taxing I can't imagine living even an hour away from family.

2. Amazing friends - Old, new, just beginning I am totally blessed in the friend area!  It wasn't always this way.  Growing up I was painfully shy and awkward around people and making and maintaining friendships was really difficult for me.  But I've overcome that and I'm so happy I have because my friends are so important to me.

3. Good neighbours - I don't care how lovely your home is.  It can be totally pinterest worthy but if you don't have good neighbours then none of that matters.  We are lucky to have good neighbours.  They are the kind that you can call (or text) to borrow a cup of sugar, watch your kids, have a barbque with or just sit and drink tea.  We are moving in the Summer and while I'm excited for the new house I'm totally bummed to leave our neighbours :(  I

4. Being able to breastfeed - This might seem silly as breastfeeding is suppose to be natural.  Wrong, for me it has been nothing but.  With both my children I have battled quite successfully low supply issues.  It has been a long, hard journey with lots of tears, medication and pain.  However with support from good friends, family and an awesome Lactation Consultant I am doing it!  William is 7 months old and we are going strong. I made it to 18 months with Keelyn.  I'm so proud of my efforts.

5. Overcoming Post Partum Depression - I haven't talked about this on here at all. I don't know why, I guess putting it out here seems a little scary to me.  But I do openly talk about it in real life.  I struggled when William was born.  I developed major anxiety and my frustration level was at an all time high.  I could not make decisions without it sending me into a major anxiety attack.  I remember I would be sitting on the couch my stomach in absolute knots trying to decide if Keelyn should wear a sweater or not.  I would lose my cool really easily and felt angry, lost, sad and alone.  I started having harmful thoughts toward my self and the children.  William did not sleep well and I slept worse.  It would get to the point where I would try to sleep and nap but it just wouldn't come. Every night I would tell myself in my head over and over that all I had to do was just feel better.  That tomorrow I would try harder and it would be okay.  About 3 months in I realized that it wasn't just and adjustment that needed to happen. That it was something more.  With the help of my husband, friends, family and doctor I was able to pull through it.  I'm doing okay now.  I smile and enjoy my children and I'm so thankful for that!

6. Facebook - okay this might seem ridiculous but yes I am thankful for Facebook.  It has allowed me to stay connected to old time acquaintances  family members and their children.  I feel that friendships have become deeper and stronger because it's just so easy to stay in contact with them.  I'm not a talk on the phone girl but it's just so easy to shoot of a quick hello :)

7. My husband - What can I say usually he's a pretty great guy.  He is a whizz in the kitchen, great with a hammer and a paint brush.  Wrestles around with the kids and can whip up a great omelette! Now if he would only tuck in his chair after dinner or pick up his socks he might possibly be the perfect husband :)

8.  My kids - This is probably the one or should I say two things that I am most thankful for.  They are pretty amazing little beings.  Keelyn is spunky, sassy, silly and really smart!  She uses words like "gingerly" in the right context and tells silly stories.  She's tough as nails and a delicate little flower all in one.  William is the "ham" of the family.  You can tell already that he's going to be the life of the party.  He always has the biggest smiles for us and for anyone really.  He laughs and squeals at all moments of the day. He's has a bit of mischievous streak too and gets into everything.  In the last two weeks alone I've fished out a stamp, bread tag, piece of wrapping paper and a cat toy from his mouth. I love my two babies!    

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