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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Start 'Em Early!

My daughter and I love to make crafts.  We spend a lot of quality time together gluing and glittering, stamping and painting.  It's been my hope that by starting William in the crafts early that he will share this love with Keelyn and I.  Right now his favourite part of crafts is climbing up on the little chairs and sitting on the table or shoving Valentine's Day confetti in his mouth (yeah that was fun fishing out 30 tiny red hearts out of his mouth) but he's starting to get it.

He really seems to enjoy using markers and painting.  Both are easy to do with his level of fine motor. He can hold the tools easily because they are thick and he doesn't have to apply lot of pressure to see the marks on the paper.  He still puts everything in his mouth so I make paint for him using flour, warm water and food colouring. I also have him use heavier cardstock type paper.  When it dries the paper curls a little.  But I'm trying to flatten it out as I'm going to have it framed for Daddy for Father's Day!

Crafting with small children is very messy.  But it's also a lot of fun!

Making an 80th Birthday card for Nana :)

What does this do?

Painting time hooray! 

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