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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Felt Board Fun

I'm trying to create fun yet educational activities for my daughter to do when the baby gets here. Things that don't cost a lot of money, hold her attention, and she can do independently or with minimal assistance when I'm tied up with the baby. I have a felt board in my classroom and it generally fits the description above so I've been working hard to make felt board stories for her. Pinterest has definitely been my friend! So far I've made up the following stories

  • 5 Little Snowmen
  • Alice the Camel
  • The Three Little Kittens
  • ABC (need to create pictures with the letters)

It's been pretty easy but time consuming as I can't help but add little details to each piece. Tonight I cut out the alphabet letters. I found these great sticky note letters at Walmart called Project Popperz by Elemer's to use as a tracer. I taped them down on the felt as I do all my tracers to avoid pen/marker marks and cut away it was pretty simple. Now I have the hard task of creating pictures to go along with the letters.

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