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Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's All About the Space

I've always loved making crafts.  I think this is because my mom always made crafts with us.  Some of my  fondest childhood memories are spreading out the craft things all over the dining room table on Saturday mornings.  Painting, sewing, weaving baskets, collage, cut and paste the projects were endless and my mom allowed us to be free, get messy and have fun.

Unfortunately I am not as "free-spirited" when it comes to mess as my  mom was.  Anyone who knows me well knows I have  really hard time with mess.  In fact when I go out of the house I always carry a spare shirt for K because I cannot handle her wearing a dirty shirt.  As much as I love doing crafts, and I wanted to share this with K I was finding my issues with mess was preventing us from crafting very often.  This past Summer I decided it was time to create a space.

Our house is very small.  Only part of our basement is finished and while I would have loved for my husband to finish the basement, it wasn't in the budget.  Instead, I used some space in the basement right as you come down the stairs, right beside the finished family room part of our basement.  My inspiration came from pinterest

All the furnishings came from Ikea and the foam floor mats came from Winners.  We actually already had the table and bookcase so it wasn't really a costly project.  I think we calculated that the shelving, white board, tubs and bins all came out to under $80.00.  K loves this space and now we make crafts together all the time!  It can get messy and she can get messy because when we are done it's easy to put it all back together because everything has a place.  In fact, today I even let her break out the glitter and I didn't even break into to a sweat!

Daddy added the clock, and the framed print is Keelyn's first painting. 

You can see her craft area is literally set up in the unfinished part of our basement.  The finished wall has the finished part of our family room behind.  

Close up of some of K's masterpieces.   We date everything and K selects what is displayed.  Once things come down I've been saving it in a file cabinet.  Not sure exactly what we will do wit it.  

Having fun with glitter!

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