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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Cookie Baking

Valentine's Day Cookie Baking Felt Set 
Keelyn LOVES to help cook and bake, especially if the end result is cookies.  So when I saw this Valentine's cookie felt activity on my friend's facebook page I just new I had to make it for her.

It actually was super easy I was able to make the whole thing including tidy up during nap time.

I used one of her play cookie sheets so it only made about 6 cookies.  The perfect thing about using her play cookie sheet is all the pieces will fit into a large zipper baggie which is how I like to store all the felt activities.  I also had to make burnt cookies because I didn't have light brown felt, but my husband kindly pointed out that they are chocolate :)

Toy cookie sheet, but you could use a full sized one too. 

I used a cookie cutter from her playdough tools and traced it with yellow crayon as the pen was too light to show up on the dark brown felt.  Cutting it was pretty easy but I had to go slow as you need the scrap piece as part of the set.  I just used straight scissors because I don't have sharp enough pinking shears (must invest).

Cut out felt using pinking shears or straight scissors.  I like this this activity doesn't create many scraps! 

Once all the cookies were cut out I cut out another set of 6 cookies and glued them together to make the actual cookie thicker.  I then cut out white felt for the icing.  The site where I got the idea from made the icing a bit smaller but I didn't do that I matched the size.  
I used white glue to stick the pieces together but you can also use hot glue. 

I think I might make up some smaller icing tops in other colours.  Maybe I'll wait until I get my pinking shears :) 

Next came making the sprinkles.  This was great because it used up my small scrap pieces.  I wasn't sure how I was going to store the sprinkles but then I remembered I had an old tea container which would make the perfect sprinkle can.  I covered the can in felt and made up a label for it.  I figure she can store the icing tops in the can for easy tidy.

I just covered the entire container with white glue and then rolled the felt onto it.  

The label looks a bit lumpy because it actually isn't glued on yet.  I have to wait for the glitter glue to dry. 

I'm thinking for different seasons and holiday's I might actually change up the sprinkle colours.  

The end result is really cute.  I was going to save this for a Valentine's Day gift but I'm not sure if I can wait.  

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