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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Busy Bin Fun!

It's been almost 5 weeks since William has joined our family and I have to say it's been a bit of an adjustment.   He isn't a great sleeper and when he isn't sleeping he likes to be held!  Thank goodness he likes our Pikkolo carrier!  We have had a bit of a turn around with sleep the past 3 nights, lets hope he keeps it up.

Anyway, Keelyn has had a bit of a rough 2 weeks.  I think the honey moon period is over and she has realized that havivng a little brother is her new reality.  We have seen an increase in tantrums (boo) and wanting snuggles (yay!)  When I'm nursing William she likes to snuggle in right beside me.  She says, "One arm for William, one arm for Keelyn."  It's very sweet.  Of course, not all times can I give her the snuggles she craves.  Fortunately before William was born I prepared a bunch of bins I nicknamed "busy bins".  Inside is fun, hands on activities that she can work on independently.  She only gets a busy bin when I am busy (making lunch etc.)  Most of the materials came from the dollar store and I have a bucket of "new" things to switch up the bins when she gets bored with them.

Honestly the bins have been a life saver!

Marble Run.  She couldn't independently build it at first so I would help her set it up.  Now she's becoming more confident and trying to do it herself. 
Best to every!  I'm not sure of the name because I've had it for years (had it in my classroom) but it's magnets with metal balls. I added juice lids so you can stack and build really cool towers.   Keelyn also likes to stick them to the fridge and dishwasher.  
Lacing.  You can make your own lacing cards using old cards, large foam shapes, bristol board.  
Wooden beads and lacing.  Sometimes I put pony beads and pipecleaners which is great fine motor activity.  
Busy Bin at work.  2 piece puzzle.  Keelyn loves puzzles and this kept her attention for about  30 minutes.  She kept building and re-building the pieces.  

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  1. I really wish I'd had time to make busy bins for Mason, but Avery came a month earlier than expected! I still think I might put some together .... I use bins and centers in my classroom, why wouldn't I do the same for my own child? :)