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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Painting with Duplo

The other week I had the best score.  I found a giant bag of Duplo for $2.99 at Value Village.  I was super excited as we bought Keelyn some for Christmas and it was 25.00 for 30 measly pieces.  Keelyn loves to play with Duplo, even though she claims she has "no fun toys".  She builds tall towers and recently I've taught her how to make a house for her ponies.  Tonight we tried something different.  She paint stamped with it!

She was reluctant at first as it wasn't what she was suppose to do with it but once she got into she really got into it.  She had to have a bath.  Paint was all over her hand, in her hair and on her face!  I'm super proud of the final product she did too!

The set up!

She stamped with both side of the blocks to get different looks.  Didn't do the sides though, wonder how that would look?

She was very curious about how the paint looked and felt on the blocks. 

Started smearing the paint! Very fun!

As she got into it she started using other "techniques" from previous painting activities.  Like finger painting
Folding the paper and pressing it together
Very proud of herself! 

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