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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Very Own "Little Dancer"

Mommy's Little Dancer! 
Edgar Degas' "Little Dancer" is one of my favourite works of art.  Seeing it years ago in Toronto at the Art Gallery of Ontario is on the top ten list of  all time greatest moments in my life!  She is just so full of elegance, innocence and grace.

Well, now I have my own Little Dancer.  Keelyn started beginner ballet at the community centre this past Monday.  It was a pretty funny experience. This is the first activity she has to do without my husband and I participating with her.  I spent the entire day pumping her up telling her that she was a now a big girl so she didn't need mommy to go with her.  When we walked into the room she immediately was put out because all the other girls were dressed like "princesses" in ballet bodysuits and tutu's.  I had dressed her only in leggings and a t-shirt because I wasn't sure of the dress code and I didn't want her over dressed.

 I convinced her to sit with the other students and the teacher and she did but she got stage fright and ran right back to me (parents were allowed to sit in the back of the room for the first class).  I hugged her and sat her in my lap and told her it was okay to feel shy and we could just watch for a few minutes.  She told me she was ready and she proceeded to slink over the group on her belly like she was a snake!  She then got to the group and turned back and ran to me.  This continued for 5 or 6 times before she settled into the group.

I was so proud of her once she got into it and participated.  She looked at me as she was floating across the floor on her tip toes (okay it was more like on her tip toes, running at steam ahead giggling the whole way) and shouted "dance isn't scary mommy, it's fun!"

My very own little dancer isn't full of elegance and grace but she sure is a fun loving, free-spirited little miss!  I love her to pieces, and she along with her baby brother are definitely the greatest moment of my life!

At home modelling her "princess" outfit as she calls it! 
"Don't crumple the skirt mommy!" 

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