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Monday, March 26, 2012

Window Writing

Today we had about half hour after lunch before nap time.  The kitchen was exploding with dishes and I can't do dishes while Keelyn naps as our kitchen is directly below her room and it keeps her up. She's never been a fantastic napper.

So I set her off with a package of Crayola Window Writers and opened the front door while I tidied up the kitchen.  I gave her direct instructions that she could colour anywhere on the window but not the walls, door, floor, etc.  I failed however to instruct her not to colour on the carpet or the bottom of her slippers but not so bad for a 2.5 year old left on her own to colour!

I love this product.  Honestly!  The window crayon is softer than a pastel and the colour is deep and rich on the glass.  It's perfect for a toddler who doesn't yet have a lot of pressure when drawing.  My daughter can get frustrated when she colours and can't "see" it.

Anyway, not only did I get the dishes done, I was able to draw with her and talk about her drawing.  The cutest part which made my teacher side very proud was when she was scribbling and saying "K, I, A, D, L, M..."  I can't believe my 2.5 year old associates he scribbles with letters. Amazing!

I wonder what other surfaces it would be fun to try these on?  Cookie sheets, mirrors, shower doors, white boards, hand-held mirrors... hmm so many possibilities!

"What are those Mama?"
Scribbling away reciting random letter names. 
Some of her masterpiece up close.  Hard to see because it was so sunny out!

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