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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

K is for Keelyn, W is for William

I've been working on letter recognition with Keelyn.  She's only 2.5 so it  has been really casual and informal.  I decided to start with her name as obviously those letters are personally significant.  She consistently identifies "K" for Keelyn and will point it out when we are out and about on store signs, licence plates etc. and if she doesn't see it she will ask "where is K for Keelyn?"  Even outside when drawing with chalk she makes scribblesasand says "I'm going to write K for Keelyn".  Clearly I'm a proud mama!  Today when she made a picture and told me she was done I asked her to write her name.  I overhead her saying "K, E, Z, L, W, Y" over and over randomly.  So she is getting it.  

We did a painting activity that I found on Pinterest. Basically you masking tape the first letter of their name an let them paint over it an then remove the tape and magically there is their name! Keelyn loved it! She even asked if she could paint a K for William, which I explained to her William's name starts with W so it's W for William :)  

When they were dried and I pulled off the tape she was so excited to see the letters appear again.  I've framed them an they are going to go in their room.  I'm not really happy with how the W turned out. I found it hard to tape it off and it's too wide for the frame.  I'm going to leave it though because Keelyn is proud of it and I figure soon enough I can get William to paint his own.  

Proudly displaying her K

Let's get messy!

As much as I try everything not to gender stereotype notice how she selected pink for her K and blue for William's W?

All painted and waiting to dry!

I think they look pretty cute framed 

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