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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sick Little Babies :(

Nothing is harder on a mom then when her babies are sick.  Today I have two sick babies.  Keelyn came down with the chills and watery eyes at the end of a very fun playdate yesterday.  When we got home I put Keelyn in the house to take off her coat and shoes while I got William out of the car.  My husband had ordered pizza for dinner and the pizza guy was at the house as we arrived.  While walking to the door with William the pizza guy told me, "um your little girl is sick".  Sure enough, she was sick all over the mat.  Her fever was really high but we gave her medicine and put her to bed.  Around midnight she was sick again, and of course nothing says good times like a midnight bath and bedding change. Fortunately William went to sleep around 9:30 and was still asleep.  He woke around 4:00 to feed which I was so excite 6.5 hours he NEVER sleeps that long.  He's the master of the every 2 hour night time.  That should have been my firs clue he was getting sick too.  Keelyn was up again around 5:30, another bedding change and William still was sleeping.  Good thing I did more laundry and had a shower at that time because I don't know when I'd fit it all in today.  Keelyn woke up around 8:00 this morning super chipper and happy.  Came into my bed, watched a cartoon and asked for breakfast. As soon as we got downstairs she started to burn up an fade again.  I guess the medicine had worn off again.  Meanwhile as I'm getting her set on the couch William vomits all over himself and his swing.  He has a lowgrade fever as well.  My poor little guys!

My husband, who is normally super supportive in situations like this could not take today off work.  He was having his performance evaluation at work today.  And while he could postpone it he had planned the perfect lesson for his students and I didn't want him to miss it.  It's also the school play tonight so I don't want him to miss it as he was looking forward to it.  I did tell him though he better bring me home a treat :)

William is now sleeping on me and Keelyn has perked up again and is playing.  I take this as  a good sign. We'll see what happens in a few hours when the meds wear off again.

Thankfully my Mother in Law is making it dinner and my Brother in Law is kindly delivering it to us!

My sick babies hunkered down watching Max and Ruby 

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