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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mess Free Finger Painting

I love finger painting.  It's such a great activity for kids.  It's tactile and kids get to literally get their hands in and get dirty all in the name of creativity.  I've come along way when it comes to messes, especially with our fabulous craft room but sometimes I just want the fun without the mess.  Keelyn was given a table top easel as a "big sister" gift from a colleague and I set it up today.  It's actually a Crayola Colour Wonder product and it was the BEST!  The paint is "clear" but when you  use it on the special paper it turns colours. She was amazed when it turned purple and had fun exploring what each colour would be.  The part I loved is I was able to set her up, and then go make lunch while she happily finger painted away.  I mean who would ever think you could let a two and half year old finger paint unsupervised!

Working  hard on her masterpiece!
"Look Mama it changes!"

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