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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Fair

I LOVE Fall.  The air is crisp and cool and smells so clean and fresh.  Colours are bright and vivid in the trees, sky and on the ground.  I love breaking out warm sweaters and making warm drinks and soup.  It's not too cold like it's neighbour Winter but just the right amount of cool.

Today we celebrated Fall by going to a Fall Fair.  I haven't had as much fun at a fair since I was a kid myself.  We went last year but Keelyn was too young to really get into the spirit of it and we skipped nap time which resulted in the largest tantrum ever.  This year made up for all of that.  Keelyn saw the Fair a few days ago when we drove by and she instantly exclaimed, "I want to go on the round and round thing" (Ferris Wheel) and when I told her we would go on the weekend it was all she could talk about for the next few days.

When Fair day arrived she was ready to go right after breakfast unfortunately we had errands to still do so holding her off was tricky.  He excitement was even more magnified when Gram gave her money to ride the carousel.

When we got there I wanted to look in one of the pavilion's first big mistake Keelyn was so grumpy and I thought I could cheer he up with having her sit on one of the largest pumpkins ever but not even that could take her mind of the rides.

We finally went to the rides and I'm not sure if Keelyn or I had more fun.  Phil whispered to me that I had to go on the Ferris Wheel with her as he's not a ride fan.  I guess I finally have my ride partner.

After all our tickets were used up she asked for a treat. As I listed her choices she told me she was going to have icecream AND a candy apple.  I said sure why not it's a special day!  She loved the candy apple but was confused about why there was an apple inside.  It took a bit of convincing to get her to believe that a real apple belonged inside.

After our yummy treats we went to see the animals.  There was a sectioned off area where you could go in and pick up and hold baby bunnies, ducks and chickens.  Keelyn's favourite was the baby duck.  She kept petting it saying, "aww he's so cute!" I have to admit I was taken by the small cuteness of the little guys too!

Anyway, it was a great fun family event.  Keelyn's uncle, my husband's brother even came along and we ran into my husband's cousin and little guy.

I already can't wait  until next year!

Now off to eat my candy apple :) :)

A Grumpy Girl being made to sit on the pumpkins 

William enjoying his ride in the carrier on daddy!

Keelyn's first candy apple 

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