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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Driveway Painting

I have to admit lately I wouldn't win a prize for being a great mom. Maybe it's the sleep deprivation but my frustration level has been high and Keelyn's tantrums are at an all time high. Juggling 2 kids sure is hard! Anyway I have been working on getting William to take naps and he finally fell asleep so I decided to take advantage and have some fun with Keelyn. She was torn between playing outside and making a craft so we did both! We mixed up some driveway paint. The recipes I have seen online say to use food colouring but we didn't have any soI used a generous blob of her washable tempera paint. She LOVED mixing it up and was excited to see it go from white to the colour. The best part for her was painting on the driveway. She told me she was painting a green daddy, K for Keelyn and a pink mommy. We could have painted for hours but William woke up screaming 30 minutes later (this kid does not sleep!) and it was time for her nap anyway. However after nap I am sure the fun will continue! Maybe we will even ask the girls next door to come!

Sidewalk Paint Recipe

-blob of liquid tempera washable paint

-1/4 cup of cornstarch

-1/4 cup warm water

-mix well and you are ready to go! Starts out vibrant and wet and dries to a nice chalky finish.

First I added paint, then cornstarch then last water and then mix! Very easy!

Keelyn loved mixing it up and watching the colours appear. 

Let the painting fun begin!

"Mommy I'm painting a green daddy!"

We are still working on name recognition.  We do informally all the time.  She now identifies her name and when you ask her to spell it she says, "K-e-e-l-y-z" so we are nearly there! 

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